Planting Wellness 2021

The Allie Sunshine Project is once again giving away thousands of free plants in an annual event supporting plant-based healing and wellness.


Planting Wellness 2021 will take place May 22nd 9am-3pm at
Lakeshore St. Andrews Church, 235 Amy Croft Dr.

The Planting Wellness plant giveaway will take place, like in 2020, with COVID restrictions and adaptations to ensure everyone’s safety. 

How it works

We’ll be opening up online reservations for your vegetable plant tray very soon.

When the ordering system is online, you simply reserve your free vegetable tray by selecting the time slot you’d like for “curbside pickup” and completing the checkout process. You’ll also be able to purchase a flower pot if you’d like!


Monthly Shine Back – Terry Chartrand

Terry Chartrand has a generous heart that can move mountains and with it he chooses to celebrate each milestone on this journey of life. Terry is a capable craftsperson who makes dreams come true when he picks up his tools. He is an accomplished, patient, and persistent builder. Yet, most of all, what he loves to build are bonds that last a lifetime, and he understands the power of celebration to create those bonds.

We are blessed to have been part of Terry’s family as members of The Allie Sunshine Project these past five years. We have all witnessed how effortlessly he brings people together and whips up a batch of good times. Terry loves to plan events and he loves to include everyone. Events where people can gather and eat and drink and socialize and laugh and be entertained; there you will find Terry, stirring the pot, creating the magic, a feast, and a festival in one – a feastival fit for a king. He will go to great pains and make it look painless in executing his party projections. From the Tigers games to the Tacos and Trivia; Terry’s heart is a gift, and he is sharing the fun he finds with anyone who is willing and able to get on the bus.

Terry has a special spot in his heart for teachers and students. He loves to take care of the schools and this passion created the Allie Sunshine Project School Outreach Team, most widely known for their Buddy Benches initiative. Buddy Benches offer a safe spot for a child to sit when in need of a friend, freeing their creativity and ability to learn to the best of their unique abilities. Terry has made it his mission to install benches that create safety and build friendships, bonds that last a lifetime.

We have a deep wellspring of gratitude for how you have shared your heart with our learning community these last five years Terry. These contributions have been wonderful milestones in our journey as an Allie Sunshine Family and today we celebrate you! To witness the fun that you ignite and the bonds that you build is a compelling testament to your living legacy as a Founding Director of the Allie Sunshine Project. Thank you forever and a day!


Springtime Wellness Series

Connected Living, Nurturing the Spirit through Nature
Time to Come Alive!

Join us in exploring and learning from nature, guided by local naturalists, gardeners, guides, and nature lovers. We will engage in activities with soil, crystals, seeds, woodlots, buds, birds, fresh air, stillness, and peaceful reflection.

Offered on Wednesday evenings in April, from 6:30 to 8:30. The first two sessions will be via zoom. Weeks three and four will be in person, with social distancing and masks required, provided outdoor gatherings are allowed at that time.

Limited to 10 participants.
Wellness Series fee: four weeks.: $120.00 due with registration (includes materials).
To reserve your spot, Email Lynn Hayes at: [email protected]


Week 1, April 7: Hands in the Soil: Garden Planning

Facilitated by Brandi Bechard of Ground Culture

We will cover the basics of how to plan, prepare and enjoy a garden that is tailored to your unique space and needs.


Week 2, April 14: Introduction to the Chakras with Tracey Rogers of White Feather Holistic Arts

We will be learning what chakras are, and how paying attention to them can improve our health and wellness.

(ZOOM meeting)

Week 3, April 21: Forest Therapy in the Allie Sunshine Project Healing Garden

Guest Facilitator Jessica Middleton, Certified Forest Therapy Guide will guide us to meditative connections in a diverse natural setting.

Location: 252 West Pike Creek Rd. Lakeshore

Week 4, April 28: Woods Walk and Plant Identification with Brandi Bechard

Learn how to identify some familiar plant species that you would commonly find on a walk in the woods.

Location: Devon Woods, Division Rd. Windsor

Series will be Facilitated by Lynn Hayes, Education Guide of The Allie Sunshine Project


Monthly Shine Back – Trish Daniels

Trish Daniels is a deep and dynamic woman. She is a gifted writer, poet, fabricator and hard worker of tremendous intellect and ability. Her heart is huge, her hands are capable and with them she created a tremendous legacy at The Allie Sunshine Project Healing Garden. Her love of Allison and her passion for the earth and growing cut flowers became the inspiration for The Allie Sunshine Project Bouquets of Sunshine.

In 2016, Trish began volunteering in the Healing Garden, always bringing her three children along to help. They are all Rays of Sunshine who brought tremendous love and joy with them every time they showed up. During that time, she was visioning a market garden flower business of her own. Being a landless farmer, she inquired if there was room for her to grow with us. She began drawing a plan of that possibility. One day while this was happening, she stopped just down the road on her way to the garden and met local Dahlia grower, Bill Pare. When Bill found out where Trish was headed, he loaded her up with a free truck load of potted Dahlias. These flowers would become the backbone of the Bouquets of Sunshine cut flower horticultural therapy program. This was the all-spark moment for our cut flower market garden exploration, which has become a source of tremendous enjoyment, healing, and income for our community. Trish worked HARD to make this dream come true. She stripped the sod, amended the soil, and worked it up to prepare it for planting. She laid out the garden spacing and planted it. She welded and painted rebar crop supports and engineered a simple and effective system for trellising the delicate stems of these beautiful flowers. She installed the irrigation and taught us how to tend to the plants, harvest the flowers and how to dig and store the tubers.

We love Trisha and are thankful for all the healing that her hard work has afforded our community. With every Bouquet of Sunshine, we are growing for the better. Thank you, Trish for your vision and for being a Ray of Sunshine!


Winter Wellness Series


Monthly Shine Back – Ruth Anne Wilhelm

Ruth Anne Wilhelm wandered into The Allie Sunshine Project Healing Garden three years ago to purchase tulip and daffodil bulbs and has been a dedicated Ray of Sunshine ever since. She left that day with her bulbs, a bag of freshly picked kale, enthusiasm for the vision and mission of The Allie Sunshine Project and an invitation to become involved. The good news for us is that Ruth Anne said yes! Having served on the board for a term she now shares her wisdom, creativity and leadership with our members and community as a valued asset to our education team.

With a background in social work Ruth Anne’s current passion is supporting people growing and learning in nature. When asked what drew her to join our learning community she said: “It was my first conversations with the members in the garden that day and learning what they were up to. This was an organization that was being built upon personal relationships being formed with each other and with plants, trees and the earth.” She further shared: “My personal learning and wellness are ignited by the opportunities of being in tune with the earth and everything growing there. I love to spend time in the healing garden appreciating the gift of spirit and people who’ve created this space.” Ruth Anne shares our story everywhere she goes and has attracted numerous wellness explorers to join us. Thank you, Ruth Anne, for being a Ray Sunshine; we are grateful for your commitment, contribution and the many ways you have of spreading sunshine


Community Conversation: Intergenerational Learning in Relationship with Nature Theory and Practice

Featuring, Jeremy and Lynn Hayes

We are mother and son, co-learners, members of the Transformative Learning Foundation community and recent graduates of the MA Social Sciences program in Individualized Studies and concentration in Transformative Learning Communities at Antioch University.

This conversation will be a dialogue on our learning journey and in-depth study of our passion, The Allie Sunshine Project. It will be a deep sharing of our healing and growth, highlighting the challenges and delights along the way and how we continue to share our learning forward as we show up in relationship to self, to nature, and to others.

Jeremy will share his story of the process of actively composting his life and death. He’ll expand on this experience of intergenerational learning and how it has facilitated his most profound transformational enlightenment. Applying self-awareness and deep curiosity to his primary relationships in this context has yielded new life from grief and loss.

Lynn will share how intergenerational learning has facilitated her ability to gracefully embrace the honour of “elder” within her family and community through reconnection to the wonders of nature.

You will be invited to reflect on your connection to nature as the great teacher and healer that it is. We will explore nature as our primary relationship and ways to work together with Mother Nature to feed our bodies, fuel our minds and energize our spirits.

Join us to connect to the power and truth of nature that we are!

Join us and register at:


Monthly Shine Back – Lakeshore St. Andrew’s Church

Our Allie Sunshine Project November “Shineback” goes out to Lakeshore St. Andrew’s Church. The Allie Sunshine Project is grateful for the community support received from these great neighbours this year. We reached out to them when looking for a location to hold our annual member’s meeting and again when needing a safe, drive-through alternative for our Annual Planting Wellness event.We were warmly welcomed from our first greeting by Sharon and Deb and every step along the way. They were eager to help and to accommodate our needs. The generous use of the available space and parking lot was perfect! Even better, the cheerful assistance and helpful suggestions from these two “Rays of Sunshine” were wonderful. We appreciate our amazing and generous neighbours of Lakeshore St. Andrew’s church community and look forward to working together again to continue spreading sunshine. Thank you!


World Kindness Day

For #worldkindnessday we wanted to give a special shout out to everyone involved with us, our leaders, Volunteers and supporters especially during this year. We are forever grateful for every bit of support we get and we can’t thank any of you enough for the work and support you guys give us along with all the energy you bring to the garden. Always stay humble and kind.


Monthly Shine Back – Shannon, Brody & Heath Pollock

Our October shine back puts Shannon Pollock and her two sons, Brody and Heath in the spotlight. This terrific trio brings joyful energy, and inquisitive questions to our time together in the Healing Garden. As much as they love volunteering, they ensure to make the time they need for themselves and their other commitments, whether it is guitar lessons, figure skating, or school projects. That is just one of the many ways they demonstrate their alignment with the values of the Allie Sunshine Project.

Brody feels his time spent in the garden is so awesome that words cannot describe it. He loves how nice everyone is and has learned a lot about the plants. Some of his favorite jobs are working on the purple martin housing project and spreading mulch.

Heath likes the friends and friendships he has grown into in his time spent volunteering in the garden on Saturday mornings. Shannon’s favorite part of the Allie Sunshine Project is the peace and joy she feels in her heart every time she gets to spend time in the garden with her boys. “It is our happy place with all of you.”

She also shares, “I have learned how strongly connected strangers can feel when they are all coming from a place of common love.”

Whether it’s Saturday Mornings in the Healing Garden, or big events like the Allie Sunshine Project Planting Wellness, we can always count on the support of these three Rays of Sunshine!

We are forever grateful to have these beautiful souls along for the ride! Growing together!