Planting Wellness

When we were looking for ideas for our outreach, Jeremy knew his greenhouse customer Seacliff Farms had extra flowers and veggies destined for the dumpster that we could share with our community and reached out for donation. Seacliff, one upped us and offered to grow a custom order, donating roughly 15,000 vegetable and bedding plants. This was pivotal in creating our main event and fundraiser which we call our “Planting Wellness Event.” This event allowed us to connect with a larger community of supporters. We designed the event as a plant giveaway offering free vegetable transplants to school, community, backyard and patio gardeners. This was our way of offering others the opportunity to connect with nature and support their wellness by growing healthy food. 

Incorporating Wellness Practitioners and Seekers. 

The Planting Wellness event has allowed us to integrate wellness practitioners as stakeholders through the creation of our Wellness Fair. David Broad, local masseur and reiki master suggested that we had an opportunity to include wellness demonstrations into our event. He shared his vision of inviting wellness practitioners into the Healing Garden during the Planting Wellness Event and allowing our patrons to engage and experience different healing modalities. We took his suggestion and it was a definite success. Our audience of gardeners were eager to follow the “path to wellness” into the healing garden, sign up for a wellness passport, and visit each wellness practitioner to have their passport stamped for the draw of a Wellness Gift basket. We were connecting with our network of wellness providers and connecting them with our audience of explorers. With our healing garden we were allowing the patrons to connect with mother nature and demonstrating ways to work with and care for her. We were also demonstrating the value of asking our questions and stating our observations as we shared our unique way of learning and exploring with everyone who showed up for the tour.

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