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I have been part of the Allie Sunshine Project since its beginning. My name is Terry. I am the proud husband to Susan and father of Allison Hayes and Adam Chartrand. A few hours after Allison passed away at home, Adam stated that Allison had touched so many lives and that he hoped his sister’s legacy would not be forgotten. That was the inception of the Allie Sunshine Project!

My role in the project is limited to my physical abilities but I love to help plan and organize activities. I lead the annual trivia night fundraiser. The money collected goes towards the Buddy Bench Program, supporting schools for Family Christmas giving, and 2 “Rays of Sunshine” student uniform scholarships.

My learning and wellness is ignited from all the activities that the project operates. Working with others, learning from their specialities, and inputting mine have helped me to learn new things and use my knowledge to reach others. I have always been a hands-on guy; building whatever was needed out of different materials. I love the challenge of a new idea. 


I have had the honour of being the wife and mother of the Chartrand family for 43 years.  I am a registered Dental Hygienist who worked in private practice for 40 years, and since have been a clinical instructor at the St Clair College dental clinic for the last 28 years. Being in the healthcare industry, it is understood you must be a lifelong learner. I have always had a passion for learning new things whether it be through classes, reading, or being open-minded to changes. I love new information! 

I assist in the project with the Trivia night, the Rays of Sunshine uniform scholarships and any other ways that I can.

 The Allie Sunshine Project has taught me a lot about growing plants. (That still hasn’t helped my poor track record with plants!) It is interesting to watch the garden flourish yearly and it makes me proud to know it is in Allison’s honour. When I go there I feel her presence and the love that is cultivated there.

I have learned and tried new foods that are grown in the garden. This has sparked me to learn and try new dishes that I would not normally try. Allison would be so proud of me! I never really knew where my food came from besides the store. I think the Outreach programs for The Allie Sunshine Project will help educate others as to the process of our food chain. The drum circle and Yoga events help us to release the stress and pressure of everyday life. There are endless possibilities of education.

I feel being a parent is the most important role I have ever had. I have been a formal educator to my patients in the office and my students at school.  My favourite is educating my children and grandchildren to be successful and having a loving and healthy life.

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