Rays of Sunshine

Our community members are the roots to the Allie Sunshine Project tree – we could not grow, sustain ourselves or provide for our community without each and every one of them. We call our community Rays of Sunshine because of the necessity of their role in creating a living legacy of our mission to ignite learning and wellness within Windsor-Essex County. To become a Ray of Sunshine requires only willingness to show up as your authentic self and a commitment to our core values that embody the Allie Sunshine Project: wellness, learning, self-worth, legacy, inclusion, celebration, and connection. The Allie Sunshine Project provides our Rays of Sunshine with the opportunity to join an open-minded, friendly, and spiritually positive community. Becoming a member at the Allie Sunshine Project is a reciprocal experience. While we benefit from your unique value to our initiatives for the betterment of our community, you benefit from the focus on improving personal wellness, connecting with nature, and healing of the mind, body, and spirit. All members of our organization are wellness explorers, our minds and hearts open to new opportunities to shine our light each and every day. If you are interested in becoming a Ray of Sunshine, explore below to follow your passion:

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