Monthly Shine Back – Ruth Anne Wilhelm

Ray of Sunshine Ruth Anne Wilhelm

Ruth Anne Wilhelm wandered into The Allie Sunshine Project Healing Garden three years ago to purchase tulip and daffodil bulbs and has been a dedicated Ray of Sunshine ever since. She left that day with her bulbs, a bag of freshly picked kale, enthusiasm for the vision and mission of The Allie Sunshine Project and an invitation to become involved. The good news for us is that Ruth Anne said yes! Having served on the board for a term she now shares her wisdom, creativity and leadership with our members and community as a valued asset to our education team.

With a background in social work Ruth Anne’s current passion is supporting people growing and learning in nature. When asked what drew her to join our learning community she said: “It was my first conversations with the members in the garden that day and learning what they were up to. This was an organization that was being built upon personal relationships being formed with each other and with plants, trees and the earth.” She further shared: “My personal learning and wellness are ignited by the opportunities of being in tune with the earth and everything growing there. I love to spend time in the healing garden appreciating the gift of spirit and people who’ve created this space.” Ruth Anne shares our story everywhere she goes and has attracted numerous wellness explorers to join us. Thank you, Ruth Anne, for being a Ray Sunshine; we are grateful for your commitment, contribution and the many ways you have of spreading sunshine

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