Community Conversation: Intergenerational Learning in Relationship with Nature Theory and Practice

Featuring, Jeremy and Lynn Hayes

We are mother and son, co-learners, members of the Transformative Learning Foundation community and recent graduates of the MA Social Sciences program in Individualized Studies and concentration in Transformative Learning Communities at Antioch University.

This conversation will be a dialogue on our learning journey and in-depth study of our passion, The Allie Sunshine Project. It will be a deep sharing of our healing and growth, highlighting the challenges and delights along the way and how we continue to share our learning forward as we show up in relationship to self, to nature, and to others.

Jeremy will share his story of the process of actively composting his life and death. He’ll expand on this experience of intergenerational learning and how it has facilitated his most profound transformational enlightenment. Applying self-awareness and deep curiosity to his primary relationships in this context has yielded new life from grief and loss.

Lynn will share how intergenerational learning has facilitated her ability to gracefully embrace the honour of “elder” within her family and community through reconnection to the wonders of nature.

You will be invited to reflect on your connection to nature as the great teacher and healer that it is. We will explore nature as our primary relationship and ways to work together with Mother Nature to feed our bodies, fuel our minds and energize our spirits.

Join us to connect to the power and truth of nature that we are!

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