Monthly Shine Back – Terry Chartrand

Terry Chartrand has a generous heart that can move mountains and with it he chooses to celebrate each milestone on this journey of life. Terry is a capable craftsperson who makes dreams come true when he picks up his tools. He is an accomplished, patient, and persistent builder. Yet, most of all, what he loves to build are bonds that last a lifetime, and he understands the power of celebration to create those bonds.

We are blessed to have been part of Terry’s family as members of The Allie Sunshine Project these past five years. We have all witnessed how effortlessly he brings people together and whips up a batch of good times. Terry loves to plan events and he loves to include everyone. Events where people can gather and eat and drink and socialize and laugh and be entertained; there you will find Terry, stirring the pot, creating the magic, a feast, and a festival in one – a feastival fit for a king. He will go to great pains and make it look painless in executing his party projections. From the Tigers games to the Tacos and Trivia; Terry’s heart is a gift, and he is sharing the fun he finds with anyone who is willing and able to get on the bus.

Terry has a special spot in his heart for teachers and students. He loves to take care of the schools and this passion created the Allie Sunshine Project School Outreach Team, most widely known for their Buddy Benches initiative. Buddy Benches offer a safe spot for a child to sit when in need of a friend, freeing their creativity and ability to learn to the best of their unique abilities. Terry has made it his mission to install benches that create safety and build friendships, bonds that last a lifetime.

We have a deep wellspring of gratitude for how you have shared your heart with our learning community these last five years Terry. These contributions have been wonderful milestones in our journey as an Allie Sunshine Family and today we celebrate you! To witness the fun that you ignite and the bonds that you build is a compelling testament to your living legacy as a Founding Director of the Allie Sunshine Project. Thank you forever and a day!

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