Monthly Shine Back – Shannon, Brody & Heath Pollock

Shannon, Brody & Heath Pollock

Our October shine back puts Shannon Pollock and her two sons, Brody and Heath in the spotlight. This terrific trio brings joyful energy, and inquisitive questions to our time together in the Healing Garden. As much as they love volunteering, they ensure to make the time they need for themselves and their other commitments, whether it is guitar lessons, figure skating, or school projects. That is just one of the many ways they demonstrate their alignment with the values of the Allie Sunshine Project.

Brody feels his time spent in the garden is so awesome that words cannot describe it. He loves how nice everyone is and has learned a lot about the plants. Some of his favorite jobs are working on the purple martin housing project and spreading mulch.

Heath likes the friends and friendships he has grown into in his time spent volunteering in the garden on Saturday mornings. Shannon’s favorite part of the Allie Sunshine Project is the peace and joy she feels in her heart every time she gets to spend time in the garden with her boys. “It is our happy place with all of you.”

She also shares, “I have learned how strongly connected strangers can feel when they are all coming from a place of common love.”

Whether it’s Saturday Mornings in the Healing Garden, or big events like the Allie Sunshine Project Planting Wellness, we can always count on the support of these three Rays of Sunshine!

We are forever grateful to have these beautiful souls along for the ride! Growing together!

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