Planting Wellness 2021 Promotion Strategy

Rolled out in three phases

Phase 1

6 weeks prior to event

i) issue press release, publish web site page w/ bullet points (which will be part of countdown in Phase 2)
ii) teaser ads
iii) create Facebook Event

Phase 2

2 weeks prior to event

i) publish the ordering page(s) on website (made available 2 days prior to members)
ii) issue second set of flyers, graphics w/ call to action (URL for ordering, map to location)
iii) countdown; X # of days (X = # of bullet points from press release) with graphics issued on social media each day

payment gateway in preparation for the online ordering system

Phase 3

event/ post-event

i) generate photos, videos, stories @ event; publish web posts, page + social media
ii) prepare those generated assets for use next year
iii) send out/ publish “thank you” + survey

Teaser ads

These graphical assets will serve to establish the tone, look and feel for the remaining public-facing communications. These first round of graphics simply announce the event with the name as well as the date (a placeholder “Location/ street address” is present in this first draft but can be removed if it is not yet confirmed), without any further details nor a call to action.

Press release

The (4) bullet points are alluded to in the quote portion of the release:
1) Healing the individual
2) Nourishing the family
3) Teaching the children
4) Connecting the community
These (4) can serve as focal points for either a 4- or 8-day countdown (with the latter having two days per bullet point)
This will need to be completed by filling in any of the variables following a “$”:

Annual Planting Wellness Plant Giveaway

The Allie Sunshine Project is once again giving away thousands of free plants in an annual event supporting plant-based healing and wellness.

The Allie Sunshine Project
Planting Wellness

$FACTS: How it works, how many years, info about the Wellness Fair and the anomalous nature of this and last year’s iteration

“There are so many ways our gardens, with just a little care and a little effort, give to us and cultivate our well-being. This rejuvenates and heals the individual. It nourishes the family with nutrition, sunlight, fresh air and above all, time together. We teach our children life skills, discipline, cooperation and reverence for our ecosystems. And we connect to our community as we share this gift with others.”, says $SOMEONE_FROM_ASP, “More importantly, now than ever, the simple but profoundly powerful act of growing plants leads us to reflect on how our lives and our connection to our food, our communities and our environment shape our world. Even in the most trying of times The Planting Wellness plant giveaway is our way of affirming the power of our connection to our gardens and each other.”

The Planting Wellness plant giveaway will take place, like in 2020, with COVID restrictions and adaptations to ensure everyone’s safety. Up-to-date information can be found at

The Allie Sunshine Project was born to ignite learning and wellness in the name of educator and wellness pioneer Allison Hayes; a beautiful, generous, loving, caring, giving, woman who was taken too soon by leukemia. The Allie Sunshine Project carries on her legacy by inspiring a network of wellness explorers through creating and participating in projects in our community that nurture self healing and capture learning opportunities for our minds, bodies, and spirits.

For further media inquiries please contact: