This project was born to ignite learning and wellness in the name of educator and wellness pioneer Allison Hayes. Wellness is an actively sought state of health and wellbeing and Allie Sunshine, as she was known, was the embodiment of conscious wellness.

The depth of health depends on one's ability to sustain proper hydration, nutrition, shelter, safety and love for the body, mind and spirit. Our personal wellness depends on the overall wellness of the family, community, earth and the natural systems that support us. We are a learning community. Through nature, shared wisdom and living legacies we empower humanity to choose personal wellness.

How we do it


Working and playing together, we pass the torch of skill and wisdom as we organize projects and events that capture learning opportunities for our bodies, minds and spirits.

Our main event is our annual Plant Giveaway and Flower Sale. This has allowed us to connect with other wellness explorers and share in growing and learning experiences. We support backyard, patio and community gardeners with free fruit and vegetable transplants facilitating the power to nourish our bodies, steward the earth and grow the resilience of our self renewing community of care.

Our central project is the Healing Garden. This is a one-acre garden that uses the landscape to tell our story. This is a space where we meet to connect with Nature, self and others; sharing experiences with the garden vegetables, fruit, nuts and flowers. Here we learn in relationship by celebrating our questions, observations and aha's.

We are a community of action and we put our learning into motion by voting with our dollars for the brighter future we all know is possible.